Maxspect Product Razor R4 F175W - 7000K Freshwater (100cm)

Maxspect - Razor R4 F175W - 7000K Freshwater (100cm)

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The Maxspect Razor LED Lighting System combines the latest LED technology with an ultra-slim and elegant design. The lighting unit which effortlessly merges into any freshwater aquarium, providing longevity with its unique cooling system, together with a full colour spectrum for superb plant growth.

Dimensions of lighting unit:

  • Razor R4 F55W - 7000K Freshwater L37.6cm x W27cm
  • Razor R4 F115W - 7000K Freshwater L69cm x W27cm
  • Razor R4 F175W - 7000K Freshwater L100cm x W27cm