JUWEL Product JUWEL - Vio 40 LED - Black

JUWEL - Vio 40 LED - Black

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Lifestyle and Emotion: JUWEL VIO 40 LED
Small but perfectly formed – the VIO 40 LED from JUWEL provides the best conditions for shrimps, crabs and other invertebrates whilst offering plenty of room for individual touches. The specially curved front panel needs no lateral silicon seam, thus creating obscured views from almost every direction.
Innovative NovoLux LED technology, a designer plinth to create the perfect setting for the VIO and the specially developed Bioflow Mini internal filter – too many arguments in its favour make the VIO 40 irresistible!

Measurement: 40 x 26 x 35 + Socket 5 cm
Litres: approx. 30 Litres

Novolux LED / Maximum Lighting
The cover of the VIO 40 is easy to fold up, allowing you to work on your aquarium easily. The special construction of the VIO cover means that any condensation is conducted back into the aquarium. An integrated flat can be used to feed the fish and is compatible with JUWEL automatic feeders.

Proven a million times over: Bioflow Mini / Filter System
For optimum filtering, the VIO 40 is fitted with a high-performance Bioflow Mini. The Bioflow Mini combined efficiency with safety in the smallest space. It works on the principle that "The water should stay in the aquarium!" and is the safest way of filtering an aquarium. The Bioflow Mini comes fitted with a high-performance Bioflow 280 l/h pump and achieves excellent filtering performance due to the fine-tuning of pump output, filter cross-section and filter volume. The Bioflow Mini is exceptionally easy-to-use and very easy to maintain. It is supplied with a suction cup, enabling you to position the filter wherever you like.