JUWEL Product JUWEL - Reflectors 742 mm

JUWEL - Reflectors 742 mm

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This units are used on the following Juwel Aquariums - Vision 180.

These optional Juwel light tube reflectors more than double the light output of the Fluorescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent tube reflectors ensure even better lighting in your tank and allows the light to travel deeper in your aquarium.

The Juwel Reflectors are suitable for both T8 and T5 High-lite Juwel light tubes. These unit will also fit any other T8 or T5 Tubes as the clips attached to the actual bulb.

All reflectors include clips for both T5 and T8 bulbs.

The reflector 742 mm fits for following tubes:

742 mm / 35 Watt High-Lite
742 mm / 25 Watt T8
Standard 39 Watt T5 Bulbs size 850 mm