JUWEL Product JUWEL - LED Nature 29W 1047mm

JUWEL - LED Nature 29W 1047mm

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The energy-saving LED Nature creates a warm and natural light. The special light spectrum of the lighting medium promotes plant photosynthesis whilst highlighting the green colours in your aquarium.

When used in combination with the LED Day, the LED Nature is perfect for creating a complete sun spectrum.

Only suitable for MultiLux LEDs. Not compatible with T5 light units.

• Warm, natural light
• Natural colour effect with 6500 Kelvin
• Promotes the growth of tall-growing plants
• Ideally combinable with LED Nature

Available sizes:
LED NATURE 438 mm/12 Watt
LED NATURE 590 mm/14 Watt
LED NATURE 742 mm/19 Watt
LED NATURE 895 mm/23 Watt
LED NATURE 1047 mm/29 Watt
LED NATURE 1200 mm/31 Watt