JUWEL Product JUWEL - LED Marine 29W 1047mm

JUWEL - LED Marine 29W 1047mm

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The energy-saving LED Marine lighting medium is striking with its brightness and the special light spectrum, which emulates the light conditions of a coral reef.

Only suitable for MultiLux LED. Not compatible with T5 light units.

• Brilliant white light with 14000 Kelvin
• Particularly well-suited to salt water aquariums
• Promotes coral growth
• Ideally combinable with LED BLUE

Available sizes:
LED MARINE 438 mm/12 Watt
LED MARINE 590 mm/14 Watt
LED MARINE 742 mm/19 Watt
LED MARINE 895 mm/23 Watt
LED MARINE 1047 mm/29 Watt
LED MARINE 1200 mm/31 Watt