JUWEL Product JUWEL - HiLite T5 Blue 590 mm / 28 Watt

JUWEL - HiLite T5 Blue 590 mm / 28 Watt

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HiLite T5 Blue
UWEL HiLite Blue was specially developed to simulate the light if conditions on coral reefs to depths of around 6 m. Thanks to the special light spectrum of HiLite Blue, the growth of corals can be promoted individually.

• Fascinating deep blue tone
• Promotes coral growth
• Ideal for use in conjunction with JUWEL HiLite Marine

Available sizes:
HiLite Blue 438 mm/24 Watt
HiLite Blue 590 mm/28 Watt
HiLite Blue 742 mm/35 Watt
HiLite Blue 895 mm/45 Watt
HiLite Blue 1047 mm/54 Watt
HiLite Blue 1200 mm/54 Watt