Holistic - Kitten - Chicken - 2 Kg

Holistic - Kitten - Chicken - 2 Kg

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Holistic Kitten Available in bags of: 400 g / 2 kg / 12 kg Complete food for kittens, as well as for pregnant and nursing queens. All recipes are prepared with 26% HFC fresh meat or fish. This provides a meal that satisfies a cat’s daily nutritional needs due to the use of high quality proteins and a special blend of grains.

Formulated without GMO and naturally preserved without artificial colouring or chemical preservatives, Holistic provides a high quality, complete and balanced meal, that guarantees quality and transparency, starting from the label.

The acronym HFC means that the meat or fish used in the recipes were originally fit for human consumption, and are now used as ingredients in this cat food.

Suggested daily serving
Full adult cat weight 3-3.5kg: 6-9 months = 95g 10-12 months = 125g Full adult cat weight 4-4.5kg: 6-9 months = 75g 10-12 months = 95g

Feed your companion animal with high quality food.
When you buy Almo Nature, you become a vital part of the movement that supports biodiversity.
Your companion animal will enjoy a completely natural, high-quality meal.
When you buy food for your companion animal, the profit is returned to Mother Nature.