Hobby - Biotherm Eco Terra Thermostat

Hobby - Biotherm Eco Terra Thermostat

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Thermostat for terraria. Maintains the correct temperature and protects from dangerous temperature fluctuations! Control accuracy +/-0,2° C.
Breaking capacity: up to 2,000 W.

Biotherm Eco Terra Thermostat
Hobby Biotherm eco is fully microprocessor controlled and is characterized by high accuracy and very simple operation.

Temperature alarm setting
A visual alarm is displayed when the temperature exceeds or drops below the programmed desired value. An alarm window between +/- 0.1 °C and 10 °C can be set. The factory setting is the value 00 (no alarm).

Temperature Programming
The temperature is regulated with a precision of 0.1 °C. The temperature can be set within the range 10 °C - 60 °C.

Nocturnal temperature programming
It is possible to program two turn-on/turn-off times (allows day and night difference) to simulate the drop in temperature at night.