Applaws Wet Cat Food Fillet With Tuna 156g

Applaws Wet Cat Food Fillet With Tuna 156g

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Applaws Wet Cat Food Fillet With Tuna 156g

Applaws cat food is made using only premium natural ingredients.

You'll see the difference the minute you open the can: the natural consistency will convince you, and your cats will love it!

Applaws Cat Food 156g - Tuna / Fish features:

  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
  • Gluten-free and no added vitamins
  • 75% meat

The Mixed Pack contains:

  • 12 x 70g Chicken Breast
  • 12 x 70g Tuna Fillet


Applaws cat food is complementary wet cat food.

Ocean Fish:
45% mackerel, 30% white tuna, 1% rice, 25% stock

Tuna Fillet:
75% white tuna, 6% rice, 19% stock

Tuna Fillet & Cheese:
70% white tuna, 6% cheese, 1% rice, 23% stock

tuna fillet & prawn:
52% tuna, 23% prawn, 1% rice, 24% stock

Tuna Fillet & Seaweed
70% tuna, 24% stock, 5% seaweed, 1% rice.

Mackerel with Sardine:
50% mackerel, 25% sardine, 4% rice, 21% fish stock

No additives, according to the manufacturer.