Applaws Hypoallergenic Dry Food with Chicken, Vegetables & Natural Extracts for Kittens - grain free

Applaws Hypoallergenic Dry Food with Chicken, Vegetables & Natural Extracts for Kittens - grain free

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Applaws Kitten chicken flavored diet food for growing cats

The Applaws Kitten diet for kittens is delicious croquettes rich in meat, very tasty and easily digestible. Its content, with a satiating effect, composed of 80% meat, without cereals or gluten, ensures that your cat has all the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong. This I think is specially designed for felines in the growth phase and pregnant or lactating mothers.

Cats are strict carnivores so their diet should be high in meat to ensure their muscle development and iron health. Applaws Kitten does not contain artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. Its ingredients are hypoallergenic and its composition is 80% meat and 20% vegetables. In addition, this feed contains salmon oil (a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids) and poultry fat (a natural source of omega 6 fatty acids) that helps improve hair and skin health.

This high-quality product contains EPA and DHA from natural sources such as salmon oil, which help support brain development and vision in growing cats. In addition, the low-allergen ingredients that are easily digestible and the active probiotics in Applaws Kitten help a good intestinal transit as they favour the growth of intestinal bacterial flora.

This high-quality food contains brewer's yeast, an ingredient that provides the B vitamins that are involved in a multitude of metabolic processes. In addition, it is enriched with taurine, an essential amino acid for the proper cardiovascular and ocular function of your pet.

Other functional ingredients such as blueberries and rosemary extract, rich in antioxidants, help fight against cellular ageing and strengthen the immune system. This product has a low glycemic index, so it can be used to feed diabetic cats, always under the supervision of your veterinarian.


  • Very healthy dietary food for cats in the growth phase.
  • Food composed of 80% meat, without gluten or cereals.
  • Contains EPA and DHA to promote brain development.
  • Contains B vitamins for good cardiovascular function.


  • Diet food with chicken flavor and easy to digest. Recommended for growing cats and pregnant or lactating mothers.

Nutritional description :

  • Ingredients: Dry chicken food (62%), minced chicken (17%), potato, brewer's yeast, beet pulp, chicken sauce (1%), salmon oil, source of Omega 3, EPA & DHA vitamins and minerals, dried egg, cellulose plant fibre (0.03%), sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, seaweed / laminar, blueberries, DL-methionine, potassium chloride, yucca extract, citrus extract, extract rosemary.
  • Analytical constituents: Protein 38%, crude fats and oils 20%, crude fiber 2.1%, crude ash 10.5%, omega 6: 3.8%, omega 3: 0.8%, calcium 2.3%, phosphorus 1 , 5%, taurine 2,000 mg / kg.

Dosage :

  • Recommended daily ration. These amounts are given as a guide and should be adapted to the level of activity, physical condition, age and breed of the cat.
  • Control the amount of food according to the bodyweight of the animal.
  • Make sure your cat always has access to clean water.
Cat age Daily amount
0-4 months 55-70 gr
4-5 months 55-70 gr
6-8 months 75 gr
8-14 months 75-80 gr

Size / format :

  • 400 g, 2 kg and 7.5 kg containers.


Offer your pet a rich and healthy meal with Applaws Kitten flavoured chicken for growing cats.

From the date, you receive your product, a period of 3 months is guaranteed before the expiration of its expiration date or 1 month in the case of dairy products and organic feed.